Hallmark Channel’s beloved “Countdown To Christmas,” will return in November 2014 with 12 new movies of Christmas!

Hallmark Channel’s beloved “Countdown To Christmas,” will return in November 2014 with 12 new movies of Christmas!Hallmark Channel’s beloved “Countdown To Christmas,” the #1 most treasured holiday destination by television viewers, returns and is bigger than ever with 12 new movies of Christmas and more than 1200 hours of quality family-friendly holiday themed programming.

Capitalizing on the success of last year’s “Countdown To Christmas,” where Hallmark Channel claimed the #1 movie of the week for seven consecutive weeks, the network will once again gift viewers with holiday-themed programming 24/7 beginning on Saturday, November 1st 2014.

As the industry’s holiday leader in original movies, specials and fan favorites, Hallmark Channel will build upon the success of last year’s robust campaign and bring audiences 12 new Original Holiday Movie World Premieres, a Hallmark Hall of Fame World Premiere and an even larger collection of viewers’ favorite holiday movies and specials.

New titles for 2014 include:

Angel On My Tree
Premieres: Saturday, November 1, 2014 at 8pm ET

Cowboy For Christmas
Premieres: Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 8pm ET

Premieres: Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 8pm ET

We can’t wait! :)

47 thoughts on “Hallmark Channel’s beloved “Countdown To Christmas,” will return in November 2014 with 12 new movies of Christmas!

  • Please run “Catch A Christmas Star” soon. My spouse and I were out of the country earlier this year and missed it. It’s one of our favorites. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that you will do it.

    John and Mary Anne Flavin

  • LuvChristmas

    It appears that Candace Cameron Bure is doing is another Hallmark Channel Christmas movie (it’s being filmed in Utah right now)! Yay! She revealed that actor Robert Pine is playing her father. And she had an @hallmarkchannel tag above the most recent photo she posted on Facebook. !

    I am excited about this news, as Candace’s “Let it Snow” was one of my favorite movies of the 2013 Hallmark Christmas movies. I’m glad that she is doing another one. I wonder which one it will be? The movie can’t be a “Let it Snow” sequel or a “Moonlight and Mistletoe” sequel if Robert Pine is playing her father, so it has to be a completely new story.

    Ten of the upcoming 12 new Hallmark Christmas movies of 2014 already have the casts established, and/or press releases have come out about them. There are only 2 movies of the 12 that I can’t find any info about — not even a working title. So I am going to guess that Candace is in one of those two unknown Christmas movies.

    I’m also glad that Alicia Witt will be shooting “Holiday Help” this month, as her “A Very Merry Mix-Up” and “A Snow Globe Christmas” were two of my favorites from last year!

    Now if only Kellie Martin (star of “The Christmas Ornament”) would sign on to do another Christmas movie as well…

    • Marcia Anderson

      You and I like the same movies and Actors. I can not find the listing of Christmas movies. I want to see Let it Snow again as that was one of the last movie to play so it was only on 2 times.
      I did see it for the Christmas in July.
      Kellie Martin was great in the Christmas Orament I would like to see a Part 2 to a Movie to see where a story goes. I would not like to see every movie like that but The good witch is a yearly new movie that goes on. Have a happy holiday and I hope to find the list of movies soon ;)


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