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A Christmas Less Traveled (2024)

Movie Summary

The Dine and Dash Diner has a stack of mounting unpaid bills, forcing its owner, Desi (Bure), to sell her beloved, mint condition, cherry red 1964 Ford F-100, a gift from her deceased father. As Desi visits the vintage truck one last time, she discovers a recorded message from her dad on an old audio cassette. Desi’s dad’s voice sends her and ‘Old Red’ out to retrace her family’s most memorable moments one last time. Just as the journey begins, Desi meets Greyson (Johnson) who offers her a generous payment in exchange for a ride to ‘close the most important deal’ of his life. Little do Desi and Greyson realize the less traveled road will reveal more about each of them than they could have ever known.

A Christmas Less Traveled is scheduled to premiere November 2024 on Great American Family.

Where can I watch A Christmas Less Traveled online?

A Christmas Less Traveled is not currently available to stream online.

Is A Christmas Less Traveled available to buy on DVD?


When will A Christmas Less Traveled air on TV in 2024?

Scheduled to premiere November 2024 on Great American Family (GAC Family)

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Cast Includes

Candace Cameron Bure, Eric Johnson

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A Christmas Less Traveled Movie Trailer

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  • Margaret Smith

    Will you be able to see the new Christmas movies on the Lifetime Apt.

    • Christmas TV Admin

      Margaret, most likely closer to November yes.


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