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Christmas Song (2012)

Movie Summary

When budget cuts force the merger of two New York City high schools, two music teachers aim to compete in the largest, televised Christmas Carol competition that will determine the fate of the school’s music program and the teachers’ jobs.

Christmas Song originally premiered on the Hallmark Channel November 13, 2012.

Where can I watch Christmas Song online?

Christmas Song is not currently available to stream online.

Is Christmas Song available to buy on DVD?

Yes, as part of a collection.
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When will Christmas Song air on TV in 2024?

Not airing this week

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, view the Miracles of Christmas schedule.

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Cast Includes

Natasha Henstridge (Diana), Gabe Hogan (Ken Stoddard), Ramona Milano (Jill Hammond), Amanda Thomson (Liz Strait), Brittany Adams (Amy Barnes), Jack Ettlinger (Bill Warren), Kent Nolan (Carlo), Brigitte Robinson (Principal Jessica Gedler), Joel Keller (Gary), Pam Hyatt (Estelle Barlow)

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One thought on “Christmas Song (2012)

  • Very beautiful film, two classes who compete in a competition to find out which is the best so that one of the teachers stays and the other leaves. This pits a class of girls against a class of boys and it’s cool.There will be competition throughout the film and many twists and turns.First the boys will attack the girls’ car so that they don’t go to the competition, which eliminates them.But we realizing that the two teachers are getting closer to each other, they immediately regret what they have done. They denounce each other and then everything changes: the girls can participate again and the boys take penalty points. Now there is almost no doubt about the girls’ victory but they decide to race together to prevent the two teachers from separating. Nice film to watch with pleasure.


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