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A Christmas to Remember (2015)

Movie Summary

Two families that hated each other for years are forced to spend Christmas together.

A Christmas to Remember was originally released in theaters November 13, 2015.

Where can I watch A Christmas to Remember online?

A Christmas to Remember is available to stream from the following providers:

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Is A Christmas to Remember available to buy on DVD?

A Christmas to Remember is not currently available on DVD.

When will A Christmas to Remember air on TV in 2023?

Not airing this week

Year Released


Cast Includes

Brittney Level (Lauren Ford), Royce Munn (Reid Shepherd), Valerie Payton (Mary Ford), Benjamin Anderson (Joseph Shepherd), Sir Brodie (Samuel Ford Jr.), Tasia Grant (Antoinette Ford), A’Jai Simone (Stacey Ford), Jason Carey (Travis Ford), Todd Anthony Manaigo (Jacob Shepherd), Shamea Morton (Christina Shepherd)

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One thought on “A Christmas to Remember (2015)

  • Anonymous

    This was not the Hallmark movie with same name (with different actors) which hallmark states came out in 2016.


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