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A Heartland Christmas (2010)

Movie Summary

Lou is forced to put her Christmas plans on hold when Amy insists she accompany her to help free a herd of horses that may have been trapped in an avalanche. As Grandpa Jack and Amy’s father anxiously await their return, Caleb and Ashley discover that Christmas isn’t defined by expensive gifts.

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Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming), Michelle Morgan (Lou Fleming), Graham Wardle (Ty Borden), Chris Potter (Tim Fleming), Jessica Amlee (Mallory Wells), Kerry James (Caleb Odell), Shaun Johnston (Jack Bartlett), Nicholas Campbell (Will Vernon), Cindy Busby (Ashley Stanton), Helene Joy (Joanna Hawke)

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One thought on “A Heartland Christmas (2010)

  • I love amber mashall and ty! Cause ty is cute! and i have seen amber playing in dozen of movies like mean girls heartland and so on.Jack I want that old truck of your the yellow and brown one. Lou is alsome!
    I am 11 about to turn 12! i live in Indiana Marysville, call me please i would love to see how it is for an actress. I am country!
    I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D


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