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A Mom for Christmas (1990)

Movie Summary

A young girl who wants a mom for the Christmas holidays gets her wish when a department store mannequin comes to life.

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Olivia Newton-John (Amy Miller), Juliet Sorci (Jessica Slocum), Doug Sheehan (Jim Slocum), Carmen Argenziano (Sargeant Morelli), Doris Roberts (Philomena), Aubrey Morris (Nicholas), Jim Piddock (Wilkins), Brett Harrelson (Kendall), Steve Russell (Mr. Milliman)

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4 thoughts on “A Mom for Christmas (1990)

  • I just watched it free on YouTube the whole movie

  • Rachel

    I agree… I want to show this movie to my kids…. I know they will love it…. I look every year, epic fail:( Please air it!

  • Steph Wagner

    How come no one airs “mom for Christmas” anymore it was a nice clean movie. My family really enjoyed watching it around Christmas. Please air it some day. Thanks Steph Wagner

    • Dakota Gagliano

      For real! It was such a good movie! One of my favorites along with “The Christmas List.”


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