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A Royal Christmas Ball (2024)

Movie Summary

Chelsea Jones (McKellar) is a dance instructor and studio owner in Chicago who inspires kids to find themselves through dance. Just before Christmas, Chelsea discovers a photo she’s never seen before. Chelsea thinks the young woman is her birth mother who passed away when she was only five years old. The woman is in a wedding dress tugging on the hand of a man wearing a wedding ring, but that is all that can be seen of the man Chelsea believes may be her father.

The photo’s handwritten inscription reads, “Our place, Havenshire, December 23, 1984.” With only the internet, a plane ticket, and lifelong determination to go on, Chelsea now has four days in Havenshire to solve the mystery of her birth family. Along the way, she’ll have to sneak into a castle, teach a stubborn Prince how to dance, and be in just the right place on Christmas Eve when the bells toll.

A Royal Christmas Ball is scheduled to premiere November 2024 on Great American Family.

Where can I watch A Royal Christmas Ball online?

A Royal Christmas Ball is not currently available to stream online.

Is A Royal Christmas Ball available to buy on DVD?


When will A Royal Christmas Ball air on TV in 2024?

Scheduled to premiere November 2024 on Great American Family (GAC Family)

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Cast Includes

Danica McKellar, Oliver Rice

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