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Christmas Coupon (2019)

Movie Summary

Alison Grant begins teaching ice skating students on a friend’s frozen pond after being fired from her rink job. On the first day of class her old high school sweetheart and now famous hockey player, Ivan Hall, unexpectedly shows up when he brings his niece for her skating lessons.

Christmas Coupon originally premiered in Detroit, Michigan on December 2, 2019.

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Christmas Coupon is available to stream from the following providers:

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When will Christmas Coupon air on TV in 2023?

12/07/23 – 8:00pm on ION Plus
12/08/23 – 8:00am on ION Plus

Year Released


Cast Includes

Courtney Mathews (Alison Grant), Aaron Noble (Ivan Hall), Robert Laenen (Bobby Harrison), Sheena Monnin (Lauren Holmes), Daniel Knudsen (Chris McGill), Napolean (Agent Kumar), Tim Kaiser (Nicholas Hodge), Drew Jacobs (Drew Williams), Tenley Kellogg (Chloe Williams), Justin Mane (Thomas Holmes)

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