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Christmas Eve (1986)

Movie Summary

Amanda Kingsley is a spirited and somewhat eccentric millionairess who owns 51 percent of one of America’s largest corporations. With her dignified servant Maitland, she covers New York City feeding and giving money to the homeless and unfortunate. Although her humorless son Andrew runs the family business, he is jealous of his mother’s power in the corporation and upset by her unorthodox methods of dispensing charity. He is so lacking in love that he has driven his three children away from him. Amanda goes to great lengths to find her grandchildren and bring them to New York for one last Christmas reunion. She hires a detective to track them down just about the time Andrew and his lawyers are preparing to go to court to charge her as incapable of managing her wealth.

Christmas Eve originally premiered on NBC December 22, 1986.

Where can I watch Christmas Eve online?

Christmas Eve is not currently available to stream online.

Is Christmas Eve available to buy on DVD?

No, but sometimes you can find it on VHS.
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When will Christmas Eve air on TV in 2024?

Not airing this week

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Cast Includes

Loretta Young (Amanda Kingsley), Arthur Hill (Andrew Kingsley), Ron Leibman (Morris Huffner), Trevor Howard (Maitland), Patrick Cassidy (Josh Kingsley), Charles Frank (Jamison), Season Hubley (Melissa), Kate Reid (Molly Gottchalk), Deborah Richter (Patti), Allan Royal (Grodin)

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