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Dial S for Santa (2023)

Movie Summary

When insurance investigator Lana Lawton returns home Christmas, her only goal is to spend time with her mom and cheer up her nephew who is upset that his military father won’t make it home for Christmas. When she arrives, however, she discovers that a string of robberies along Main Street has the shop owners scratching their heads over who could have done it. Seeing her chance to earn a big promotion by doing some real P.I. work, Lana puts all of her efforts into trying to solve the case by any means necessary. Now, with Christmas Eve approaching and her suspect list narrowing, Lana must convince Nick, the police chief, to let her help on the investigation. As the pair start spending more and more time together on the case, they begin to see each other as more than co-investigators. Can Lana and Nick solve the case in time for Christmas and will Lana’s lead suspect disappear on Christmas even with a sleigh full of stolen goods? It may just take a lot of faith and a good bit of Christmas magic for a happily ever after!

Dial S for Santa originally premiered on UPtv December 17, 2023.

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When will Dial S for Santa air on TV in 2024?

Not airing this week

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the UPtv Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, view the Most Uplifting Christmas Ever UPtv schedule.

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Sarah Dugdale, Julian Haig, Lynda Boyd

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