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EXMas (2023)

Movie Summary

Graham surprises his family at Christmas only to discover his ex-fiancée is already celebrating the holiday with his family when he arrives.

EXMas originally premiered on Amazon Freevee November 17, 2023.

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EXMas is available to stream from the following providers:

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When will EXMas air on TV in 2023?

Not airing this week

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Cast Includes

Leighton Meester, Robbie Amell, Michael Hitchcock, Kathryn Greenwood

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One thought on “EXMas (2023)

  • This was surprisingly a good movie. Could it be because I went into it with low expectations? Maybe, but I genuinely laughed through some of this movie. I am giving it 5 stars simply because I didn’t expect a decent movie like this from FreeVee.


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