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Northpole: Open for Christmas (2015)

Movie Summary

Santa tasks an elf to help save Christmas by befriending Mackenzie who just inherited her aunt’s inn, a source of power for Santa’s sleigh, and helping her restore it.

Northpole: Open for Christmas was originally released on the Hallmark Channel November 21, 20215.

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When will Northpole: Open for Christmas air on TV in 2023?

6/30/23 – 7:00pm on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Year Released


Cast Includes

Dermot Mulroney (Ian), Lori Loughlin (Mackenzie), Bailee Madison (Clementine), Marcia Bennett (Betty), Ava Telek (Jenny), James Thomas (Harris), Anana Rydvald (Aunt Grace), Donovan Scott (Santa), Jake Manley (Jimmy), Claudia Besso (Suzie)

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Northpole: Open for Christmas Movie Trailer

13 thoughts on “Northpole: Open for Christmas (2015)

  • Great!!! But how do we go about initiating such a task? I don’t want to seem ungrateful to Hallmark about Christmas in July and they will never be able to please everyone. Considering what happened last year, maybe it’s best to leave well enough alone?
    I really appreciate expanding that idea and I hope it comes to fruition for those of us who really love and enjoy that one Special Day and the movies that come with it.

  • Luv Christmas

    There’s going to be a “Gold Crown Christmas Week” on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel as well! It, too, starts on July 3rd.

    • Allright!!! I’m glad they finally announced the schedule. But Home Alone?? They’ve been showing the Home Alone movies 1 – 3 for the last month on On Demand. Why? They could have chosen so many other Christmas Favorites. I love Home Alone but Hallmark should’ve gotten viewer input this time around.
      I still like the viewer’s choice idea.

      • Luv Christmas

        Exactly — “Home Alone” is a movie that is 25 years old, that most people have seen (or they own it), that airs every single year on random channels, and that has been on the air just recently — I encountered it on some channel or another a couple of weeks ago.

        “Home Alone” is — inexplicably — on the July schedule 5 times. I pulled it up on Hallmark’s website and found that it is scheduled to also air on 7/11 and 7/12. Five times = 10 hours of airtime, and that is more airtime than what any of the actual Hallmark movies are getting in July, from what we can see from this early schedule so far! They left so many of their own movies off of the list — some of which are not even available on DVD — and threw “Home Alone” in there instead!!??!!

        I am going to guess that when Hallmark acquired the rights to air “Home Alone,” in the contract there was some sort of agreement to devote a certain number of hours to it. They are probably contractually bound to show it a certain number of times. It just irks me because some of the better Hallmark Christmas movies are only airing once or twice! Arrrggghhhhh!

        All I have to say is, thank goodness this July event is not the only chance to watch Hallmark Christmas movies for the year. Thankfully, we have 2 months of holiday fun — spread across two different Hallmark channels — to enjoy all day and all night, at the end of the year!

        Tyanne — The viewers’ choice idea is a great one, for a number of reasons. They recently posted a poll on the Hallmark Channel website, asking what our favorite Christmas movies from 2014 were. But why just 2014? They could have had viewers pick their 50 favorites for the July event.

        What Hallmark should really do is alphabetize all of their Christmas movies and post a poll with the complete list on their website, asking the viewers to pick their favorites from the entire range of movies — all years, not just 2014. Or, they could make two lists — one list comprised of what they would show on the regular Hallmark Channel, and one list comprised of what they would show on Movies & Mysteries, and have people pick favorites for each. Then they can pick the 65 or 70 most popular ones (based on votes) to go on the schedules, and give the more popular movies a few more airtimes than the ones at the bottom of the list.

        OR, Hallmark could level the playing field and just run every single holiday movie from the list an equal number of times — like every movie runs 5 times in the two months, or whatever. It’s so lopsided the way it is — some movies get only 2 airings, and others run 10 times in Nov-Dec.

      • Totally agree… we love Home Alone BUT it’s played YEAR ROUND (check our calender, it’s shown almost every single month on various channels). Hopefully – since they have announced Christmas in July will air 24/7 – we will see A LOT more of our favorites get some air time :)

  • I’m sorry, I meant I hope they don’t do the limited schedule!

    • Luv Christmas

      Lol. :-)

      Same here! I was so annoyed last July because my TV listings were telling me that the Christmas movie schedule was going to be more extensive, and then I would turn on the Hallmark Channel and find “The Golden Girls” or something. Meanwhile, other people in certain other states apparently got the full Christmas in July schedule, and it lasted even longer than the 10 days that I got. Their Christmas in July programming seemed to go on for at least 2 full weeks.

    • Luv Christmas

      I just saw the Hallmark Christmas in July 2015 schedule on another website (and it is going to be from 7/3 – 7/12). I am assuming that Mrs. Claus will post about it here in the next day or so, so everyone will know!

      I will say this much — I am happy that there is going to be a Christmas in July. I am not happy with some of the scheduling/programming choices, inclusions and omissions, and I’m not happy that some of the days will only show 4 or 5 movies (its not an all day/all night marathon).

      Most of my favorites made it into the CIJ schedule, but they are only airing once or twice. Maybe 3 times. Other movies were left off of the list and I am confused about that, while some were included that seem… unnecessary. I only hope that the actual Countdown to Christmas has a better line-up and that it will be all day/all night.

  • Luv Christmas

    About Christmas in July — Hallmark has said (in replies to comments) on both its main Facebook page AND its Countdown to Christmas Facebook page that Christmas in July IS happening this year, and that they would give us details very soon. I don’t know why there is such a delay with the actual announcement, but it is happening!

    “Cedar Cove” begins on 7/18. So I am guessing — though I don’t know for sure — that Christmas in July will begin (again) on 4th of July weekend, probably on Fri., 7/3. If it lasts 10 days again it will end after 7/12. If Hallmark decides to stretch it out, it could end as late as Friday, 7/17. So we might get a full two weeks out of it. I don’t see why not — there is a big demand for it, and there is not that huge of a difference between 10 days and 14 days.

    Whether it’s 10 days or 14 days, CIJ IS happening again so I expect that the news will trickle out in the next week or two.

    Even bigger news is that, as part of the 15 all new movies coming to the Countdown to Christmas this holiday season (which was announced in the Countdown to Christmas TV ad that ran earlier this month), there is going to be a “Thanksgiving Week” from 11/23 to 11/29. And, from Wednesday, 11/25 through Sunday, 11/29, FIVE of those new movies will be premiering over those five consecutive nights — and directly over the actual holiday, which is very surprising! I don’t think I recall Hallmark ever debuting 5 new movies over 5 consecutive nights!

    • I just hope they do that limited scheduling like they switched up and did last summer. Thanks for the info and I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

  • I need to know if Hallmark will have Christmas in July this year and when it will start. Any info out there?!?

    • Mrs. Claus

      Hi Tyanne, no news yet but hopefully soon :)

      • Ok!! Thanks, Mrs. Claus. I thought they would have sent notice by now. Hope that’s not BAD sign that they won’t have Christmas in July this year. Please keep me updated.


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