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The Christmas Secret (aka Flight of the Reindeer) (2000)

Movie Summary

Also known as Flight of the Reindeer.

After receiving a book claiming that reindeer can really fly, a college professor sets out to prove the theory. He finds himself at the workshop of Santa Claus, who is all too willing to help him collect data. Based on the book Flight of the Reindeer written by Robert Sullivan.

The Christmas Secret was originally released on CBS December 17, 2000.

Where can I watch The Christmas Secret online?

The Christmas Secret is not currently available to stream online.

Is The Christmas Secret available to buy on DVD?


When will The Christmas Secret air on TV in 2024?

Not airing this week

Year Released


Cast Includes

Richard Thomas, Beau Bridges, Maria Pitillo, Jan Rubes

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4 thoughts on “The Christmas Secret (aka Flight of the Reindeer) (2000)

  • Jacob

    I live in Australia and buy DVDs from all over the world. While they won’t play in the more expensive DVD players coded for region 4, they will in the really cheap DVD players, as those manufacturers don’t pay for restrictions (so I understand). Whatever the reason, the cheap players play everything (even though they may be coded on the box for your region, though most likely coded “All”). You may find the same thing in the States.

  • Should I even bother purchasing The Christmas Secret movie because from what I am reading…it won’t play in the DVD players sold in the USA. I have been looking for this movie for 21 almost 22 years.

    • Jacob

      Hi Nancy,

      See the message I left on the countdownuntilchristmas.com website.


    • Angela B.

      I actually purchased the movie called “The Christmas secret with Richard Thomas” and its a good movie and I would highly recommend it..I have watched Richard Thomas goes from a ok actor when he starred in The Waltons until now, he’s a much better actor and I sure look forward to any of his new movies when they come out…


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