Hallmark Channel announces “Countdown to Christmas Thanksgiving Week”

Hallmark Channel announces "Countdown to Christmas Thanksgiving Week"Yes, you read that correctly… Hallmark Channel will be launching “Countdown to Christmas Thanksgiving Week” this November!

From their press release:

Hallmark Channel, the Heart of TV, is building on its annual signature holiday programming franchise with a brand new tradition – Countdown to Christmas Thanksgiving Week. This new tentpole initiative will feature an unprecedented five consecutive nights of new original holiday movie premieres from Wednesday, November 25th through Sunday, November 29th. In addition, beginning Monday, November 23rd, the network will celebrate the holiday with daily segments on the network’s Emmy® nominated daytime lifestyle series, Home & Family, and spotlight Thanksgiving-themed digital content – including recipes, entertaining tips, and more – on its websites and social platforms. The event significantly extends Hallmark Channel’s original holiday programming footprint and offers new opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers on both the network’s linear and digital platforms during the most trafficked retail week of the year. This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s record breaking ratings results in Fourth Quarter 2014, which positioned Hallmark Channel as the #1-rated cable network among households and women 25-54 for over 8 weeks.

“Hallmark Channel has long been an integral part of viewers’ holiday traditions and every year ratings and delivery for Countdown to Christmas grow exponentially,” said Ed Georger, EVP Advertising Sales, Crown Media Family Networks. “In expanding the initiative to include Countdown to Christmas Thanksgiving Week, we are giving our loyal viewers more of the holiday fare they love, while creating new opportunities for our advertising partners to convey key marketing messages and reach their target audience during the most critical retail period of the year.”

Very excited about this news! We loved “Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade” and “The Thanksgiving House” and look forward to what they come up with.

As we get more details, we will post them here :)

8 thoughts on “Hallmark Channel announces “Countdown to Christmas Thanksgiving Week”

  • Joanne marcheskie

    I love Hallmark Movies Christmas Movies Are Great!! I Love A Summer Romance !! Wish there would be sequel to this movie . Two of my favorite people . I love all the Hallmark actor’s!Merry Christmas

  • Yay i cannot wait until November i’m ready to watch Christmas Movie on thanksgiving Week thanks hallmark channel given great news i’m will be up 5am in morning

  • I would line to see “Catch a Christmas Star” more this season.

  • Luv Christmas

    There’s going to be a “Gold Crown Christmas Week” on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel as well! It, too, starts on July 3rd.

  • Luv Christmas

    Mrs. Claus —

    Another site — not a Hallmark-owned site, but another site kind of like this one, that reports on seasonal movies all year — just posted the line-up for Christmas in July earlier this afternoon. Did you see it? They only posted the line-up for the Hallmark Channel, so I’m not sure what will be happening on the Movies & Mysteries Channel.

    Once again, the CIJ marathon is 10 days (like it was last year), from 7/3 – 7/12. Some of the days will have only 4 or 5 movies airing. For some odd reason they are sticking “Home Alone” — a non-Hallmark movie — into the line-up, and yet they are leaving out a bunch of obvious movies. Take a look at the list when you get it and notice what’s missing — there are even some obvious movies missing from 2014, not to mention from other years. The only thing I can assume is that maybe some of those movies will air on Movies & Mysteries?

    Also, there is only going to be one showing of some movies (that’s one airing in the whole 10 days) and two showings of other movies, but “Northpole” gets… four?? One of the showings for “The Christmas Ornament” — one of the best movies they’ve done, and one of the best-reviews — is going to be at midnight??!!

    I am happy that there will be a Christmas in July at all, but I question the inclusions in and exclusions from the line-up.

    • We will have it up in a bit :)

  • Luv Christmas

    I think that this ‘5 new movies over 5 nights’ thing should be interesting, especially since there will be a new movie debuting on the actual Thanksgiving Holiday! That is unprecedented for the channel. I will be curious to see what the ratings are like over those 5 nights, because I would expect that many people will be busy with family, food and fun — or possibly even out of town — on Thanksgiving.

    Also, it’s worth noting — because the verbiage used in the press release may be confusing if interpreted a different way — the actual Countdown to Christmas of 2015 is going to feature 15 all new movies (and possibly 16 new ones, if a Hall of Fame production is added in). That was announced in Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas commercial that began airing on April 1st. So the 5 new movies airing during Thanksgiving week are just part of the new group of 15.

    Also in the TV ad that ran on April 1st, Hallmark said that this year’s Countdown would begin on November 1st — that’s what they said at first last year too but, as we know, the marathon really began on 10/31. On their Countdown to Christmas Facebook page they have said (in replies to comments) that the Countdown would begin on Halloween weekend, so that gives some wiggle room to start it before 11/1, if necessary.

    My guess (and I could be totally wrong) is that, when the Countdown begins on Halloween weekend (I think it will actually begin on 10/30 or 10/31), there will be one brand new movie debut (on 10/31 or 11/1) Then there will probably be 2 more new movies the following weekend (11/7 and 11/8), and another 2 new movies the weekend after that (11/14 and 11/15). I would expect that we will get only one new movie on the weekend of 11/21 and 11/22, and then the next 5 new movies for Thanksgiving week will start up again on 11/25.

    After Thanksgiving Week ends, my guess is that we will get 2 new movies on the weekend of 12/5 and 12/6, and then the final 2 new movies of the year should debut on 12/12 and 12/13, if previous years’ patterns hold. If there is a new Hall of Fame movie to be premiered, it can fit in on the weekend before Thanksgiving, or some other weekend with only one new movie on the schedule.

  • When will the DVD be available for “Christmas Under Wraps”? I have ATT U-Verse so the only way I can see the movie is by buying the DVD. Thanks! BJ


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