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48 Christmas Wishes (2017)

Movie Summary

Two junior Elves have to leave home after losing an entire town’s letters to Santa. While attempting to blend into small town life, they set out to retrieve every missing wish before Christmas Eve.

48 Christmas Wishes was originally released online November 2, 2017.

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48 Christmas Wishes is available to stream from the following providers:

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When will 48 Christmas Wishes air on TV in 2023?

Not airing this week

Year Released


Cast Includes

Madeline Leon (Laura), Elizabeth Ellsworth (Emma), Maya Franzoi (Sammy), Paul Dick (Santa), Bruce Gram (Benny), Khiyla Aynne (Sherry), Samantha Brown (Tasha), Clara Kushnir (Mindy), Ethan Yang (Cam), Rais Muoi (George)

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