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A Bramble House Christmas (2017)

Movie Summary

While settling his father’s estate, Finn Conrad becomes suspicious as to why the man left a nurse money after knowing her for less than two months before he died. Just before Christmas, Finn wants what to reclaim what he considers his family’s money, going undercover to investigate the bed and breakfast the nurse has recently taken over. When Finn meets Willa, he discovers she’s not a conniving gold digger at all, but a woman in need who put the money to good use. When she discovers his true identity, will it keep Willa from ever trusting him again?

A Bramble House Christmas originally premiered on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries November 19, 2017.

Where can I watch A Bramble House Christmas online?

A Bramble House Christmas is available to stream from the following providers:

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Is A Bramble House Christmas available to buy on DVD?

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When will A Bramble House Christmas air on TV in 2024?

Not airing this week

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, view the Miracles of Christmas schedule.

Year Released


Cast Includes

Autumn Reeser (Willa Fairchild), David Haydn-Jones (Finn Conrad), Teryl Rothery (Mable), Liam Hughes (Scout), Bruce Dawson (Greg), Andrew Airlie (Ken), Hilary Jardine (Sage), Julia Benson (Molly), Lyla Marlow (Savannah)

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A Bramble House Christmas Movie Trailer

6 thoughts on “A Bramble House Christmas (2017)

  • Listen up Hallmark. Scout is without any doubt the one who steals the show. I look forward to seeing him in many more Hallmark movies. Don’t keep us waiting.

  • ellis baxter

    I think all will be on DVD. I just signed up for the streaming channel. That should solve the issue. Much better without the ads.

  • Will the movie be released on DVD?

  • Ellis Baxter

    All star cast, Scout takes the show! Another score for Hallmark! Everyone in the family 3 to 4 generations all together!

  • When will it air on Hallmark? I keep seeing the commercials. Thanks! Georgia

    • It aired tonight at 6 pm in California


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