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A Show-Stopping Christmas (2022)

Movie Summary

Riley Burdett is the artistic director of the Onota Theatre in Western Massachusetts. When Regina, the Scrooge-like owner of the theatre, breaks the news that she’s preparing to sell the property before the holiday performance, Riley must call upon the ghosts of Regina’s past, present, and future to change her mind. Meanwhile, big TV star Sam Palmer has moved to the area to escape the craziness of Hollywood. Riley casts him as Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol and his star power, cleverness, and budding love for Riley helps her save the theatre…and steal her heart during this very special Christmastime.

A Show-Stopping Christmas was originally released on Lifetime November 20, 2022.

Where can I watch A Show-Stopping Christmas online?

A Show-Stopping Christmas is available to stream from the following providers:

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Is A Show-Stopping Christmas available to buy on DVD?

A Show-Stopping Christmas is not currently available on DVD.

When will A Show-Stopping Christmas air on TV in 2023?

Not airing this week

This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Lifetime Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

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Cast Includes

Jamie Perez, Thomas McDonell, Maureen Keiller, Caroline Portu

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One thought on “A Show-Stopping Christmas (2022)

  • Laurie Dickens

    Very touching and inspiring movie that reminds you what the Christmas season is about.


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