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Coupled Up for Christmas (2023)

Movie Summary

This was supposed to be the Christmas Tiffany finally gets reunited with her long-time crush Brett– but when she finds out he has a serious girlfriend, who is just perfect, she is devastated. Tiffany hatches a plan with a recently heartbroken Peter, to win back the affection of their respective soulmates by pretending to be a couple in love, but soon realize that they have more in common than they ever realized… Tiffany might just find love this Christmas after all.

Coupled Up for Christmas originally premiered on Amazon Freevee November 1, 2023.

Where can I watch Coupled Up for Christmas online?

Coupled Up for Christmas is available to stream from the following providers:

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When will Coupled Up for Christmas air on TV in 2024?

Not airing this week

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Cast Includes

Sara Canning, Marcus Rosner, Joe Perry, Jocelyn Chugg

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