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Holiday Switch (2007)

Movie Summary

When Paula Ferguson sees her old boyfriend is rich and famous, she wishes she had made a different choice of husbands.

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This movie normally airs throughout the holiday season on the Lifetime Channel. For a complete schedule of dates and times, please click here.

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Cast Includes

Nicole Eggert (Paula Ferguson), Patricia Mayen-Salazar (Martina), Bret Anthony (Gary), Stefanie von Pfetten (Sheila), Kristin Harris (Caroline), Craig Haas (Armando), Maya Ritter (Eleanor), Brett Le Bourveau (Nick), Kristina Barr (Janine), Ernesto Griffith (Reg Reeves)

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31 thoughts on “Holiday Switch (2007)

  • Tired of the battle with them and Hallmark to make as many genetic Canadian Christmas movies and leave all the good old ones that I watched every year while wrapping presents. Holiday Switch…Three days….The Family Man…Comfort and Joy…Christmas Doover…the Christmas List one with Mimi Rogers…I think the only regular one that I watched that tbey still show is Hokiday in Handcuffs. Some new ones are cute but not a replacement of the old faves. Instead of playing some new ones thirty times. How about 20 times and mix up some oldie but goodies.

  • Hello Lifetime,
    Are you reading all of these comments to bring back Holiday Switch? Soo many of us enjoy new movies but we also like older ones as well. Holiday Switch is a classic and would love it if you can please add this movie to the lineup. Please!


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