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The Three Kings (1987)

Movie Summary

Three inmates from a mental institution who believe they are The Three Wise Men of the Bible escape on camelback into the urban sprawl of Los Angeles in a whimsical search for the Christ child.

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Tiana Alexandra (Jan DuLong), Jane Kaczmarek (Dr. Paula Bolet), Art LaFleur (Police Officer), Stan Shaw (Paul), Lou Diamond Phillips (Tag), Jack Warden (David), Charles Nelson Reilly (Clerk), Richard Partlow (Police Officer), Pepe Serna (Alex Sweetwood), Vic Tayback (Harold)

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3 thoughts on “The Three Kings (1987)

  • Its on HBO according to a Twitter Response to Lou Diamond Philips (the main actor of the film)

  • v.e. barlow

    can i purchase this movie

    • Ruth Ann

      This is one of my all time favorite movies and I have tried for years to buy it, but can never find it. If you should locate a copy, please let me know. Thanks and Happy New Year!


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