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Wrapped Up in Love (2022)

Movie Summary

Also known as Loving Christmas

Ashley Mackenzie has always been the preeminent “Christmas Queen” in town. From making hand-crafted decorations for the office to hosting the town’s annual Christmas sweater competition, she loves everything about the holiday…that is, until she meets her match in Ben Williams. Ben is the handsome new guy in town who loves Christmas just as much as she does and unwittingly begins to steal her thunder. But as Ashley begins to feel like Ben is taking Christmas away from her, she is reminded of the true spirit of the holiday and joins forces with him to make this Christmas even more meaningful.

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Not airing this week

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Brittany Bristow, Olivier Renaud

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One thought on “Wrapped Up in Love (2022)

  • Serían tan amables de dar a conocer el soundtrack de esta película? 🙏
    Escuché algunas melodías que desearía escuchar de nuevo..🥺
    Por favor 🙏
    Hallmark movies, siempre trayéndonos el espíritu navideño 😍🎄🎅


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